WW1 NZ ONWARD Silver MOP Oak Leaf Sweetheart Brooch (ref: 6219)

  • $180.00

RARE: World War I (1914-1918) Silver (rimmed) and Mother-of-Pearl NZ ONWARD (Oak Leaf) Sweetheart Brooch.

The "Onward" hat badge & collar dogs started life as the NZ Expeditionary Force badge with matching collar dogs. This was later replaced by the badge originally created for the British Section of the NZEF. Although the Unit was one of the shortest lived Units of all time it's badge went on to make history.

There were several variations of the wreath, oak-leaves (originally) and ferns (later). This badge is the earlier Oak Leaf wreath. The British Section of the NZEF was formed by New Zealanders living in England and, with a strength of 7 Officers and 233 men sailed for Egypt on 12 December 1914. It was dissolved the following day and the men were absorbed into the Army Service Corps and an Engineer Field Company.

Their "Onward" badge went on to become the general service badge of the NZEF & 2NZEF. Unfortunately, the clasp on its reverse side is broken off. It is still an extremely interesting and beautiful piece of wartime memorabilia.

It measures 28mm in diameter.